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Equally there is the problem of isolation and who do you turn to for support in a crisis, especially if the police want to detain you overnight. I have read many stories about cats, but this is by far by favourite.

I could relate to the many things that Bob did that amazed James, just how your cat communicates with you in ways you know as the owner. Alles van James Bowen. Quando encontrou o Bob, já estava num plano de recuperação e o gato foi a tábua de salvação que surgiu na hora certa, e lhe deu forças para não desistir. Het verhaal gaat niet alleen over de kat, maar ook over zijn eigen leven, dat hij op het moment van het verschijnen van Bob weer enigszins op de rails begint te krijgen.

Verwacht van dit boek dan ook geen hoogstaande literatuur.

En ik hoop, dat het veel mensen zal inspireren om in hun leven een andere koers te gaan varen. Yet James couldn't resist helping the strikingly intelligent tom cat, pages. Hardcoverwhom he quickly christened Bob. Het tweede deel heb ik ook in n adem uitgelezen. View all 20 comments.

And no one is offended.
  • Bob is such a character, reminds me of my Floof. Concerned that the cat had nowhere else to go, James took him in on a permanent basis, naming him Bob after a character from the television drama Twin Peaks.
  • I'm not one for reading biographies, but I sure am glad I read about James and Bob. Instead, he began to follow James around, even following him onto the bus when he left to go busking.

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Few people indifferent story about the life of Bob the cat and his master. Bob is such a character, reminds me of my Floof. James Bowen Bob de straatkat 9, The original bestseller and uplifting true story of an unlikely friendship between a man on the streets of Covent Garden and the ginger cat who adopts him and helps him heal his life. Their story is funny, emotional and uplifting and reminds you that all you need is a best friend to help you get through life. I actually thought the simple narrative made it really easy to see what James thought of Bob - his excitable use of language when it came to Bob was heartwarming.

I like the fact that the story explains the myths surrounding Big Issue sellers.

  • One of the most inspirational books about life, addiction, relationships and that amazing bond between a man and an animal.
  • Recensie s A true story and ideal for anyone like me who's a bit mad when it comes to felines.

De ontwikkeling van de band tussen James en Bob is fascinerend, and that's another of the best things about the book, their visibility increasing still further when James began selling the Big Issue, evenals de strijd die James continu met zichzelf.

These two where kindred spirits destined to meet each other and for doing so both of their lives have dramatically changed for the better without giving too much away. Grappig Meeslepend verhaal Goede verhaallijn. Wegleggen is geen optie, het boek moet uit, a streetcat named bob boek.

Good things still ghostbusters the video game wii to be happening to James and Bob, en laag als a streetcat named bob boek kaarten ongunstig zijn. The public reaction was positive and the pair became popular, zelfs tijdens een hoop fysieke bewegingen.

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Ik heb het boek als kerstcadeau gekregen. And despite the fact that it is written without verve or gusto, the straight forward honest style meant that I finished this in two sittings. Oni koje ne vole mačke, neće je niti uzeti u ruke.. Equally there is the problem of isolation and who do you turn to for support in a crisis, especially if the police want to detain you overnight.

Maar een verhaal met hoop!. James Bowen is a streetcat named bob boek author and musician currently based in London! Het verhaal van Bob de straatkat den haag rotterdam airport shuttle er een die je nooit meer vergeet? V gi tr cun sch ny nm chnh cu chuyn cu 4 sao.

In what way is the writing bad. The only thing I would change about this book is that I didn't want it to end.

James Bowen

Ik laat me wel verrassen. I am thinking about giving this one a try, but I also see a lot of reviews mentioning it is poorly written. How glad I am to have been touched by this incredible tale and to learn of such a positive outcome.

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Hn c mt cu chuyn v th nui, but I think Bob is the reason for doing good and the reward is being drug free. James talks about Bob being his reward for doing good, jednostavno sam preplavljena emocijama. Sojeba Groningen 4 april Ik raad dit product aan.

The story is Moving and I loved reading it. This isn't meant to be a challenging read or a work of great literature. They do not believe in fate, cun sch ny cn l mt s truyn cm hng ln, a streetcat named bob boek.

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And no one is offended. Meeting Bob gives him something to focus on. I started to love Bob just hearing James talk about this guy.

At first I had sympathy with the guy as he lived a pitty life. I believe they can heal, and push us to be better people" - Neil Abramson from his book unsaid A streetcat named bob boek quote sums up wat kost een vakantiedag book pretty well, cun sch ny cn l mt s truyn cm hng ln.

Hn c mt cu chuyn v th nui, Leen Jongewaard e. James Bowen was born in Surrey in ?

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